Membership fee & application form

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The financial contribution for full and associate members is divided in to three categories:

Fee category A

500,- € annually

  • Companies with sales up to € 250 million p.a.
  • The areas of “Research & Teaching” at publically funded universities and polytechnics.

Fee category B

1000,- € annually

  • Companies with sales of more than € 250 million p.a.

Fee category C (Associates)

100,- € annually

  • Companies with sales up to € 500,000 p.a.
  • Member with this membership have no voting rights. They cannot vote at the general
meeting or exercise any official representative function outside the association. 
After two years the member is obliged to bare again the sales p.a., if exceeding 500.000 p.a. 
they will automatically classified in class A.

The above fees apply until amended by a resolution passed at the general meeting. These fees also apply if membership begins in the middle of a calendar year.