To open up new business opportunities and to exert more influence on SAP: these are the fundamental goals of the IA4SP in order to increase the success of its members. The driving force for IA4SP members is optimally shaping the SAP Ecosystem by pooling innovation and established SAP knowledge.

Thanks to IA4SP you obtain early access to information and direct contact with SAP. We are using the independent exchange and experiences in dealing with SAP to shape the SAP Ecosystem. SAP actively uses IA4SP as a sparring partner to form new initiatives and programs. Moreover, companies that are not SAP Partners can also become IA4SP members.

IA4SP offers a unique network and information platform for businesses in the SAP Ecosystem. Therefore, new joint business opportunities quickly unfold. Present your portfolio and get to know other members. Both your customers and yourself will benefit.

5 reasons why membership in the IA4SP e.V. also improves the market impact of your enterprise

  • Through IA4SP you obtain quicker and easier contact with like-minded colleagues, who also hope to shape the SAP Ecosystem.
  • IA4SP allows you access to SAP contacts and information, which you need for your partnership with SAP.
  • The IA4SP working groups allow for productive meetings with SAP executives, in which there is not the usual focus on ‘advertising.’
  • In the IA4SP InfoHub you can find interesting background information – also information about meetings that you have missed.
  • Membership in IA4SP e.V is a company affiliation, which means that all your colleagues have access to the information and can take part in the events free of charge.